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The Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society was organized to further the legacy of Thomas Jefferson, one of the greatest the Founding Fathers, who set forth the guiding principles of liberty and equality for the United States and the world in the Declaration of Independence and the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom. 

We are a volunteer organization and no one receives a salary or other emoluments. Our activities include news, publications, sponsoring educational forums and the production of videos on the various aspects of Jefferson’s life, which are contained on our website, 

We publish the Journal of Thomas Jefferson’s Life and Times, which is available by subscription through our website and Facebook page.  

We provide free of charge and shipping “The Jefferson – Hemings Controversy: Report of the Scholars Commission” to public, University and school libraries.

The Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society is registered as a (501) (c) (3) organization and your contribution is fully tax-deductible.  

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Donations may be sent by mail to:

The Treasurer
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(501)(c)(3) tax exempt status has been approved
by the IRS, effective June 2, 2000.