TJ HS Mission

To Men and Women of Good Will and Knowledge Seekers Everywhere:

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence that founded our country. He founded the University of Virginia, the first modern university committed to Academic Freedom. He doubled the size of the United States with the Louisiana Purchase. He was a Renaissance Man who knew something about everything: art, music, architecture, philosophy, religion, agriculture, and politics. He was an articulate and elegant writer.

These remarkable accomplishments notwithstanding, Jefferson was like every other human being in the sense that he was not perfect. But let us also remember that the world was not perfect when Jefferson entered it. Nor was the United States perfect when Jefferson became its President. Jefferson, the imperfect man, did not cause these imperfections, and no reasonable person believes that one man, even Thomas Jefferson, could have solved them.

The Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society recognizes that by applying his special genius, Thomas Jefferson paved the way for his country to become the shining city that people everywhere saw as the hope of the world. Thomas Jefferson, imperfect though he was, played an instrumental role in creating the modern world.

Other organizations can focus on Jefferson’s flaws and shortcomings. The mission of the Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society is to share information about Jefferson’s contributions to the betterment of man in society. Because he did not do these things alone, our mission includes discussing the work of the men and women who supported Jefferson by advancing the frontiers of science, the acquisition of knowledge, and the development of the arts and culture achieved through intellectual commerce.

When the current era of social conflict ends, these virtuous and valuable enterprises will be the building blocks for the society that Thomas Jefferson envisioned.

We look forward sharing good history with you in our forums, our journal, and in our web postings, and we welcome your support.

Thank you.

James C. Thompson
The Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society
Charlottesville, Virginia