Jefferson Documents

Jefferson Unbound

When conservators disassembled the manuscript of Thomas Jefferson's only book, Notes on the State of Virginia, they uncovered new clues to the evolution of his thinking. 

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Dialogue between my Head and my Heart

Although we do not know the extent of the physical relationship between Thomas Jefferson and Maria Cosway, it seems clear that he was greatly infatuated with her. The relationship only lasted for about nine weeks when she returned to England. Over several days after her departure, Jefferson penned the famous love letter to her which has become known as the head and the heart letter. They were never to meet again.

The Will of Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson executed his last will and testament on March 16, 1826, revoking "all former wills by me." There may have been a former will, but its provisions are not known. The next day, Jefferson executed a codicil to his will in which he manumitted Burwell Colbert, John Hemings, Joe Fosset, and the sons of Sally Hemings, Madison and Eston Hemings. This typescript of the will of Thomas Jefferson is from The Jefferson-Hemings Myth: An American Travesty.