Washington, Jefferson & Madison Institute. WJMI is engaged in teacher and citizen education on the Lives and Writings of the Founders of the Republic.  The Institute’s primary publication, “Jefferson & Madison’s Guide to the Constitution" is based on th

Thomas Jefferson on Politics and Government This collection contains over 2,700 quotations from the writings of Thomas Jefferson. "The principles of Jefferson are the axioms of a free society." --Abraham Lincoln

Thomas Jefferson Memorial Center. The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression is a unique organization, devoted solely to the defense of free expression in all its forms.

Thomas Jefferson Leadership Through Patrick Lee's skilled professional speaking, bring Thomas Jefferson's leadership to your audience!

Build a model of Monticello Building a replica of Monticello is a unique and exciting project for admirers of Thomas Jefferson. This is an architectural quality 1/100 th scale paper model of Monticello designed from the measured plans in the 1992 American Historic Building Supply.

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson – Digital Edition

Since 1950, his writings have been compiled in two ongoing projects, The Papers of Thomas Jefferson at Princeton University, and The Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Retirement Series sponsored by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, which documents the time between Jefferson’s return to private life and his death in 1826. Rotunda’s digital edition brings together the content of the published volumes into one searchable online resource

The Monticello Association Web site of the acknowledged lineal descendants of Thomas Jefferson.

The Thomas Jefferson Papers An Electronic Archive An electronic archive of the papers of Thomas Jefferson, by the Massachusetts Historical Society.

Poplar Forest Jefferson’s retreat at his Poplar Forest Plantation near Lynchburg, VA.

Lewis & Clark Expedition Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition by the University of Virginia American Studies Program 1997-98.

Monticello Home of Jefferson This website provides information on Jefferson, his house, gardens, and plantation. It also provides an in-depth multimedia look at Monticello with 3-D models of the house and narrated tours. 

The Jefferson Legacy Foundation The Jefferson Legacy Foundation (JLF) provides educational programs and other initiatives to advance the principles of Thomas Jefferson.

Jefferson-Hemings DNA Study This website provides background information on the Jefferson-Hemings DNA study. It also provides a rebuttal to the Thomas Jefferson Foundation’s report on the Jefferson-Hemings issue as well as other educational information on the topic and other topics as well.

Jefferson Writings and Documents A guide to the University of Virginia's collections related to Thomas Jefferson, with additional links to texts and information resources about Jefferson.

The Jefferson Bible: The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth Extracted Textually from the Gospels Jefferson's compilation of the moral philosophy of Jesus. Edited by Eyler Robert Coates, Sr.

Light and Liberty “Light and Liberty is the book of inspiration that Thomas Jefferson never wrote, although every word here is his. Editor Eric S. Petersen, after extensive study of Jefferson's reports, state papers, speeches, and twenty thousand letters, has elegantly woven together thirty-four concise essays of profound wisdom on how to lead a meaningful life, as individuals and in our life as a nation.”

The Thomas Jefferson Hour The goal of each of The Thomas Jefferson Hour® programs is to tease out the truth of each topic in the tradition of Thomas Jefferson. Humanities scholar and author, Clay S. Jenkinson, adopts the persona of Jefferson each week to comment on current events and answer questions you may have about Jefferson's thoughts on any and all topics.

The Abbeville Institute The Abbeville Institute is an association of scholars in higher education devoted to a critical study of what is true and valuable in the Southern tradition. The Institute conducts seminars and conferences for college and graduate students, and guides research and publication on all aspects of the Southern tradition.

Thomas Jefferson, Philosopher.  Through podcasts and short essays, Mark Holochak explores the life and thought of Thomas Jefferson on his webpage. Dr. Holowchak is a noted authority on Jefferson with numerous books and papers that place him in the forefront of Jefferson scholars.